Latest Promotions (Regular rates & equipment rental fees are below):

Green Fees & Equipment Rental Fees
Green Fee 18 Holes 9 Holes 18 Holes 9 Holes
Visitor Rate 1,040,000 640,000 1,490,000 880,000
Laguna Bintan Hotel Guest 780,000 480,000 1,120,000 670,000

*All green fees at Laguna Golf Bintan include twin-shared caddie fee, twin-shared golf cart, golfer’s insurance, complimentary bottle of water and driving range usage.


Additional Fees 18 Holes 9 Holes
Additional Caddie 250,000 250,000
Additional Golf Cart 440,000 220,000
Rental Clubs 500,000 250,000
Rental Shoes 200,000 150,000
Driving Range                                        150,000


All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and are inclusive of applicable government taxes.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

All golfers are required to follow the golf club’s on-course dress regulations. Collarless T-shirts, sleeveless shirt (male only), denim clothing, vest & football or rugby jerseys and golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted whilst playing on the golf course.