Rules & Regulations


All golfers at Laguna Golf Bintan shall play in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrew (R&A), and follow all the local Rules and Regulations of Laguna Golf Bintan.


  • Practice Swings – When taking practice swings, players should avoid causing damage to the course, particularly from taking a divot on any teebox or fairway with several practice swings.
  • Bunkers – Before leaving a bunker, a player or caddie must use a rake to carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by the player.
  • Divots – Through the green, a player who has taken a divot must replace it, or, if the divot has disintegrated, fill the divot hole with sand.
  • Pitch-Marks – On the putting green, any ball marks should be properly repaired.


  • The maximum number of players per flight is 4 (four), smaller groups of golfers may be allowed subjected to slots availability, the club reserves the right to pair smaller groups together when required.


  • Buggies are prohibited on the followings areas:
  • Teeing ground (tee-box)
  • Bunkers and immediate areas surrounding bunkers
  • Landscape and flower beds
  • On and around the green
  • Golfers must observe and obey all directional signage on the golf course – sometimes after heavy rain, golfers will be instructed to keep to the cart path at all time.
  • All golfers shall be required to take good care of the golf buggies in their charge. The golfer is to pay the cost of the repair for damages or replacements to the buggies and may subject to disciplinary action.
  • A maximum of 2 golfers (with bags and caddies), are allowed to be carried on a golf buggy at the same time. All golfers must be seated. Standing on the side or tailboard, sitting on the mudguard or fender, placing a foot or golf shoes against windscreen, etc are prohibited.
  • Juniors below the age of 16 years are not allowed to operate the buggy except with the prior written approval from Management.


  • Golfers shall be suitably attired when playing on the Club’s course. The appropriate standard of attire is shirts, with collars, and shoes with soft spikes. These standards will be strictly enforced. Details are displayed at the Reception and Starter’s Office for compliance.


  • All golfers shall be required to take good care of the rental set in their charge. The golfer is to pay the cost of the repair for damages or replacements and may subject to disciplinary action.


  • Non-players are not permitted on the golf course except with the prior approval of the Club Manager, or the General Manager.
  • Members and guests shall not abuse any Club staff. Any complaints about any Club staff shall be directed to the Management.


Happy Golfing!

The ManagementLaguna Golf Bintan


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